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  • Are You Prepared?

    In the event of a fire, flood, theft or other natural disaster, would you be able to recall from memory everything you own in your home or business? Would you be able to provide proof of ownership and value to substantiate your insurance claim? After the fact can be a challenging time to reconstruct this information. The best time to do your inventory is now!

Don't wait until it's too late. Our efficient, professional service is here to help you.


When planning your estate, an inventory of your personal property can be both a valuable tool and a comfort to your family, heirs and executor. Insurance documentation and estate planning are but two of many reasons you should have a complete, up-to-date personal property inventory safely stored outside your home or business. We all know this is a good idea, but few have time to get it done themselves. Let The Home Inventory Company get it done for you! You'll enjoy protection and peace of mind.

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At The Home Inventory Company our goal is to provide services and products that offer the highest quality asset protection and management to you, our clients. By providing our service accurately, with confidentiality and professionalism we can give our customers peace of mind. This ensures that when an incident occurs they will be prepared to receive the insurance company’s highest settlement.

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Who We Serve

We serve the Triangle Area with an array of inventory services designed to efficiently help you get your inventory done. We work with: • Homeowners • Renters • Vacation Rental Owners • Estate Planners • Landlords and Property Managers • Non-Profits and Government Entities (Asset Inventories & Depreciation) • Small Business and Workshop Owners • Estate Distribution, Pre-Nuptial and Divorce Inventories • People who are moving • Collectors and Curators

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